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Adobe has introduced digital animated dress

Adobe Introduces Project Primrose, a Digital Animated Dress That Can Change Patterns. The software company demoed a digital, interactive dress at Adobe MAX 2023 in Los Angeles conference. Christine Dierk, the research scientist behind the dress, both introduced and modeled the garment on stage, calling it a “digital dress that brings fabric to life.”

Eleven new AI-powered prototype tools and features are being showcased under the events “Sneak” program today, including an impressive video upscaler and Project Starfust — an “object-aware editing engine” teased last week that automatically identifies individual objects in photographs.

The animated designer dress tool automatically identifies each object in an image as though they’re on separate layers — allowing users to grab and move sections around without manually “cutting” them out with a lasso tool. The background behind removed objects is automatically filled in to match its surroundings, and you can even generate entirely new assets to place into the image, just like Photoshop’s text-to-image generator.


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