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Add two Numbers using Class in C++

To add two numbers using a C++ class, you can define a class that has methods for setting the numbers, performing the addition, and displaying the result. Here’s an example:

#include <iostream>

class Adder {
    // Constructor to initialize the sum to 0
    Adder() : sum(0) {}

    // Method to set the first number
    void setNumber1(double num1) {
        number1 = num1;

    // Method to set the second number
    void setNumber2(double num2) {
        number2 = num2;

    // Method to perform the addition
    void add() {
        sum = number1 + number2;

    // Method to display the result
    void display() {
        std::cout << "Sum: " << sum << std::endl;

    double number1;
    double number2;
    double sum;

int main() {
    Adder calculator; // Create an instance of the Adder class

    double num1, num2;

    // Get user input for the first number
    std::cout << "Enter the first number: ";
    std::cin >> num1;

    // Get user input for the second number
    std::cout << "Enter the second number: ";
    std::cin >> num2;

    // Set the numbers and perform the addition

    // Display the result

    return 0;

In this program:

  • We define a Adder class that has private member variables for number1, number2, and sum.
  • The class provides public member functions to set the two numbers, perform the addition, and display the result.
  • In the main function, we create an instance of the Adder class named calculator.
  • We use std::cin to get user input for the two numbers.
  • We set the numbers using the setNumber1 and setNumber2 methods of the calculator object.
  • We perform the addition using the add method.
  • Finally, we display the result using the display method.

This program will add the two numbers and display the sum using a class-based approach.


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