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C++ Keywords

The C++ keywords are reserved words that have special meanings and purposes in the language. These keywords are predefined and cannot be used as identifiers (such as variable names, function names, or class names) in your C++ programs. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used keywords in C++:

and          and_eq      asm        auto       bitand
bitor        bool        break      case       catch
char         class       compl      const      const_cast
continue     default     delete     do         double
dynamic_cast else        enum       explicit   export
extern       false       float      for        friend
goto         if          inline     int        long
mutable      namespace   new        not        not_eq
operator     or          or_eq      private    protected
public       register    reinterpret_cast return     short
signed       sizeof      static     static_cast struct
switch       template    this       throw      true
try          typedef     typeid     typename   union
unsigned     using       virtual    void       volatile
wchar_t      while       xor        xor_eq

These keywords are an integral part of the C++ language and serve specific purposes in defining the language’s syntax and semantics. Understanding these keywords and their usage is essential for writing valid C++ code.


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